Well, it's finally up and running, thanks in part to my wonderful fiancee Jennifer.  :)  I'm really excited about showing you my portfolio - I've got a lot of photos - so they will go up slowly, but surely.  I've so far got different pages for different kinds of photos I've  taken.  I'm still learning, so don't mind the possible disorganization you may see throughout these pages.  I do want to let you know that I plan on making all of my photos for sale - in a few different ways - meaning by print alone - or a foam core mounting, or a sturdy board mounting,  all of which will come up eventually.  Firstly, I'd like to get all my photos up and on the site for you to peruse..  and get myself more acquainted with this program, and then I'm sure everything will fall into place nicely!!  So I will definitely appreciate any advice you may have to offer - or thoughts or comments on my photos - if indeed you'd think you'd be interested in purchasing any?  Then I'll have more of an idea of what to do as well!!  So I thank you for any interest and please enjoy what you see!!!
7/9/2011 22:39:48

WOW Gary.. what do you think huh?? You like it so far?? I DO.. It'll be wonderful once it's finished!! YAY!! I'm proud of you and I'm looking forward to helping you get this up and out there!! Love Jennifer xoxox


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